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Community First Foundation

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University of West London

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April 9th 2017; "Same Judo Cup2"

- International Championship of Marki, Poland, Warsaw.  Nicole Mozyro- Silver ;




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Comberton Judo Championship                        

The Kent International Saturday 24th 2017

Cariosa Chisholm- Gold

Nicole Mozyro- Silver

Evgeny Korostelev- Silver

Simone Hutsch- Silver  (Sunday 25th June Senior Competitions)

Nathan Bailey-Powers- Bronze

Sunday 12 of February 2017

Nikita Solovjov- Gold; Marsel Dudek – Silver

Nicole Mozuro-Gold; Artiom Solovjov-Gold

Cariosa Chisholm- Gold; Charbel El-Khoury- Gold

Persiyan Petkov- Bronze; Owais Hussain- Bronze  


We had the Best Club in  

London Area Development Event on Sunday 22 January 2017

Alpha judo club have Gold for time-competition

Nicole Mozuro-Gold; Marsel Dudek- Gold

Artiom Solovjov-Gold; Rami Ahmed-Gold

Charbel El-Khoury- Silver;

Nikita Solovjov- Bronze; Jordan Cerniavcki-Bronze;

Persiayn Petkov- Bronze


British Schools Open Qualifier 15th January 2017

The Langley Academy – Zakariya Koundi; Bronze

Ealing, Hammersmith& West London College – Roman Majauskas; Silver


Southend International Judo Championships 23/10/2016


  Martin- Silver

  Nicole- Bronze

Harlow Judo Competition 06/11/2016

  Nicole- Gold     Zakareya- Silver    Alexei- Bronze

  Marsel -Gold    Artem - Silver      Nikita-Bronze

Universities& Colleges Senior Open 13/11/2016

Migle Kalnutyte – Silver

Tayjuan Steele-Nubour- Silver

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